Universal Academy Charter School (UACS) Enrollment Policy


1. Annually, Universal Academy Charter School will establish the number of sections to be offered at each grade level the following school year, and the maximum number of students to be allowed in each section.

2. The UACS lottery window and lottery date will be set each year by the school’s board.

3. The lottery window and potential lottery date are advertised on the UACS website and during monthly school tours.

4. In the month leading up to the application deadline, UACS will remind parents of current students that sibling preference is available to younger siblings only if the applications are received prior to the application deadline. After that date, if no spaces remain open, sibling applicants are placed at the bottom of the current year’s sibling waiting list.

5. Prior to the lottery date, the school registrar and one or more Board Members create a list with the number of open seats.

6. In the event of a school lottery, UACS will draw names from a container of names of all sibling applicants for whom UACS has received timely applications. All sibling envelopes are marked so that if one application is pulled, the puller knows to enroll the additional sibling(s), too.

7. In the event of a school lottery, secondly, all students for whom UACS has received timely applications and who are on a waiting list, but are not siblings of currently enrolled UACS students, are put in a container.

8. The lottery is held at UACS in front of an audience of any parents or prospective parents who choose to attend, names are pulled from the container, one at a time, and entered on the list of available seats—siblings first and then others.

9. When all seats are filled, the remaining names are pulled from the container, one at a time, to create two waiting lists—one for siblings and a second list for others.

10. After the enrollment lottery is complete, all seated students are asked to complete full registration forms.

11. UACS checks all lottery applicants to ensure kindergarten aged children will have turned 5 on or by September 1 each year.

12. As applications continue to come in after the lottery date, names are added to the bottom of each of the two waiting lists. Siblings are added to a sibling waiting list, and other potential applicants are added to the general waiting list.

13. As any spot becomes available, the prospective student at the top of the sibling waiting list is contacted first and enrolled. If there are no potential applicants on the sibling waiting list, the prospective student at the top of the general waiting is contacted and enrolled.



Universal Academy Charter School is a public charter school open to any student in the state of Minnesota. All students have a right to an education, however registration is required. A student application can be found on the school website or when parents do a walk‐in. Parents may also call the school to enroll by phone or a representative can be sent to a student’s house to describe the benefits of enrolling at Universal Academy Charter School.

As a public charter school, federal and state laws govern UACS’s admission policy. Under Minnesota statute §124D.10 subd, 9(3), if the number of applications exceeds the capacity of UACS's program, grade level, or building, students must be accepted by lottery. For any grade level where we have more applicants than spaces available, we will conduct such a lottery to determine admission for that grade. Applicants who do not receive classroom placements in the lottery will be put on a waiting list in the order they were selected in the lottery. They will be notified promptly if a space becomes available. Per state statute, each school year is a separate enrollment period. Those students on a waiting list for one school year will have to submit a separate application the following year. At UACS, enrollment preference will be given to a sibling of an enrolled UACS student. We define siblings as children that share a parent, guardian, and/or caregiver. Children of UACS employees are given preference in this same manner.

Students currently enrolled in the school are automatically enrolled for the following school year.


It is Universal Academy Charter School School's policy that children applying to Kindergarten must turn 5 years of age on or before Dec. 1 of the year they will be starting school.

Upon parent request, the school will assess an applicant who turns 5 between November 30 and of a given school year. These students will be assessed only if there are current, existing seats available in the school. A comprehensive evaluation of a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development domains is completed by the school to determine enrollment. The evaluation includes student and parent interviews, and observation of the child’s behavior, and a completed kindergarten skills checklist/report. These assessment tools will be triangulated to determine if a child who would turn 5 November 30 of any given year could possibly handle kindergarten socially, academically and emotionally. The final decision to place an early entrance kindergarten student into an existing class where an open seat exists rests with the Executive Director.


Universal Academy Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, color, national and ethnic origin in its admission or educational policies, athletics, and other school administered programs (Minnesota Statutes, Section 124 D.10, subdivision 9).

Universal Academy Charter School will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations, including, without limitation, the constitutional provisions prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability, age, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion or ancestry. Universal Academy Charter School does not discriminate against enrolling homeless youth. Transportation of homeless youth will be provided for by the district. Any potential disputes around homeless youth should be directed to UACS’s homeless liaison and/or the Executive Director.


Universal Academy Charter School agrees that it will operate, in all respects, as a non‐ sectarian, non‐ religious, non‐home‐based public school. The school will not be affiliated with any non‐public or sectarian school or religious organization.


The Universal Academy Charter School Board recognizes that there is a relationship between class size and student achievement and this relationship varies across grade levels, among subjects, and by methods of instruction. Therefore, the recommended class size shall be determined by several variables including grade level, classroom space, and budgetary constraints, in each calendar year. The Director has the right to increase class size based on need by bringing the proposed increase to the school board for approval.

Higher class sizes will be allowed for the scheduling of special classes such as physical education based on grade level and classroom space.

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