Universal Academy Charter School Classroom Science Students

We are a tuition-free  PreK-8  charter school  located at 2919 26th Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55406.

Our mission: Universal Academy will provide success for all students with high quality learning, empowerment, and support from a caring and nurturing staff.

Our vision: is to be recognized as an academically superior public school for accelerating the learning of all students so that they will be fully prepared to thrive and contribute in today’s diverse and ever-changing communities.

Our  Instructional Philosophy and Focus

A unique philosophy of Universal Academy Charter School is that multiple curricula and resources must be available along with a learning program responsive to student needs in order to accelerate the learning of the state standards for all students. It is most essential to

  • Analyze data to identify each students strengths and needs in mastering the state standards in addition to each class as a whole
  • Engage students in setting individual goals as well as collective class goals
  • Monitor individual and collective progress toward meeting the goals
  • Adjust instruction and select resources to accelerate learning. For example, if one curriculum or teaching technique in math doesn’t work for a few students, then it is necessary to modify the approach in re-teaching and use additional techniques and resources. UACS makes a commitment to each student to identify what works to accelerate his or her learning as monitored through weekly data analysis. UACS implements aligned strategies of Responsive Classroom, Direct and Differentiated Instruction, SIOP, and Response to Intervention (RtI) in a result-oriented culture that fosters a growth mindset.